This extraordinary show is for the shy who want to be bold, the different who’d like to belong, the humble who need a stage, the confident who want to yell, the fun-loving who just want to laugh, the joyful, adventurous and the thinkers.

This show is a living creature; an interactive rehearsal of the modern fable ‘The Zebra who Lost It’s Spots’ written by award winning TV host, social political commentator, best-selling author and adequate actor, Gretel Killeen.

The fable is about love, courage and difference and how complete freaking nutters get to rule the world. You can actively participate or just watch; because this show is about you, and us, and making the world a better place by truly being ourselves. Join us for this unique experience. Everyone is welcome, even spotted zebras.


@ The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Studio 7.

Saturday, March 3rd  3:30pm

Sunday, March 4th  3:30pm

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